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To See If You Qualify To Sit-In On The Live Copy Accelerator Mastermind

February 28th to March 2nd, 2022

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Describe what you (or your business) does on a daily basis (i.e. I write copy for supplements):
What methods are working best for you in terms of making sales right now (i.e. Facebook, email, affiliates etc...)?
What's your #1 biggest problem when it comes to converting offers on cold traffic?
What other products, seminars, coaches, masterminds have you paid for in the past year to help your marketing?
If you own a business, approximately how many sales a day are you making right now?
If you're accepted to sit in on the Copy Accelerator mastermind in February, what do you hope to get out of it?
Do you personally know Justin or Stefan (i.e. you've met them in person, you interact online frequently etc...)?
If you're a business owner, are you interested in attending the event yourself, or would you also like to bring employees?
The price for the event is $1450 per person. In addition to attending the event, you'll also get to test-drive Copy Accelerator Lite before the event - including the weekly training, copy feedback, FB groups and members area. This way you can meet everyone beforehand, and see what it's like. Does this sound good to you?
What is the best email address to contact you at?
Final Instructions
Once you click the “Submit” button below, you’ll be able to book a quick 15 minute call with Blake from our team to see if you’re a good fit to sit-in at the event.

There’s no high pressure sales or anything like that.

We take our mastermind very seriously, so on the call we’re simply looking to make sure you’re at a similar level as the people currently in our mastermind.

You'll also be able to ask Blake any questions you have about the event. 

So just click the “Submit” button below and on the next page you can book a 15 minute call with Blake through Calendly.
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